Peace Frogs Travel  |  Charlottesville, Virginia  |  Renovation

Peace Frogs Travel is a hybrid space - a traditional travel agency office nested within a retail showroom selling luggage, books and travel accessories.  When its owner decided to move her store after years in her original location, she came to Wolf Ackerman to design a fresh, new and innovative space to excite peoples imagination.   The new space was narrow and deep.  The challenge was to create a space that would allow both halves of the business to co-habitate.  This required  an architecture that was flexible with high visibility and easy accessibility while also creating boundaries that could allow for some privacy when required.  It had to be a “both and” proposition - with each aspect of the business having equal footing.  The schedule and the budget were both extremely demanding.  We proposed a simple, single intervention placed in the center of the space that was highly figural and acted as an armature to hold both people and merchandise.  Its a playful structure that was nicknamed “The Sideways Jenga” because of comparisons to the well known game of wood blocks.  Its form suggest it began as a solid bar that was slowly carved away or had sections removed and sliced into pieces creating an abstract object which starts to alludes to a variety of imagery like a small street scape or a vessel one might explore.   A sharp contrast of intense yellow/green and abstract white surfaces describe “cut” and “uncut” edges of the form. 

Photography by Andrea Hubbell