Park Lane Apartment Renovations  |  Charlottesville, Virginia | completed Fall 2017

Park Lane is a three story, 24 unit, mid-century modern apartment complex located on one of Charlottesville’s most historic streets surrounded by stately, single-family homes.  Originally built in the mid-1960s, its finishes and allure were fading and its owners asked Wolf Ackerman to re-envision the property inside and out.  Located within an architectural design control district, our proposed exterior renovations and new landscape earned BAR approval for its innovative yet contextual response.  The 24,000 + SF property consists of two buildings that bracket a long, thin common courtyard.  Structural changes to the interiors allowed living spaces more light and improved connectivity to the courtyard and street.  We also unlocked extra space to accommodate additional bathrooms and other amenities.  The exterior massing and volumes were re-clad with durable yet modern siding materials and the roof line is modified to provide added interior space at the upper units.  New windows and HVAC systems increase energy efficiency.  And the new landscape design provide residents with areas for gardening, gathering and recreation while controlling storm water and provide shade and privacy as well.