We are passionate about our work and love sharing in that process with our clients. Every project we have done is a unique reflection of its client, the program, and the site. But our objective for every project is the same: to make beautiful buildings and spaces that are compelling places to live, work, or play and that resonate within their context. We work with a modern sensibility avoiding formulaic solutions and stylistic labels. We find sophistication and clarity in design solutions that balance artistic expression with simple and efficient order and composition. 

We collaborate closely with each client. Our work is informed by, and in response to, the process we undertake together. We offer specialized expertise and experience to help our clients formalize goals, prioritize needs, and evaluate options to ensure that every aspect of a project from start to finish is carefully considered, well thought through and within its means. In every project, we attempt to create work that is thoughtful, expressive, and purposeful.


We value sustainable design and consider it an essential part of how we practice. In all of our projects we strive to maximize daylight, natural ventilation, and passive strategies for heating and cooling; much of which is achieved by developing a smart approach to how we site a building and organize interior spaces. Furthermore, we are careful to use low-VOC materials that promote indoor air quality and look for local products and high recycled content whenever possible. Finally, we take what we can get - literally. We design structures to capture rain water for irrigation and grey water systems, use the sun to heat solar hot water panels and power photovoltaic arrays, and use the natural topography and vegetation of the site to provide buffers and insulation against the elements.

We take a holistic approach to architecture that fully integrates sustainable design practices. Our staff is LEED accredited. We are mindful of the impact buildings and their systems can have on the environment and we strive to maximize their energy efficiency and limit their environmental impact as much as possible within the context of each project.  


We have an established track record of successful projects that have met demanding schedules and budgets. We advocate good planning and realistic expectations about costs and schedule early in the process. Design and construction both take time to do well. Our goal is to bring value to the process and help our clients find the best balance between considerations of cost, time, and quality.